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We are delighted to present a new solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and photographs by Hervé Constant: ‘Language of the Soul'.

Hervé Constant is an established London-based French artist, whose work is a mixture of different interests, social and cultural influences.

Born in Casablanca , Hervé studied Theatre in Toulon in the South of France and in Paris , before moving to London , where over the years his focus naturally shifted from Performance Art to creating a rich body of visual and audio-visual artwork.

A talented painter, Hervé has been continuously exploring the use of other technologies such as photography and video. His works have been shown all over the world and selected by many prominent Galleries, Museums, Universities, Arts Centres and many now belong to private and public collections… Most recently, one of his short films ‘Between Two Worlds' was selected by a panel of judges and will be screened at the Barbican as part of the ‘Aspects of French Cinema' season at the beginning of July.

Hervé describes his work as “constantly referring to the theme of communication or rather non-communication”. In visual art, he likes “space in the work and a surreal feel”; those are qualities that viewers will undoubtedly see as some of Hervé's achievements in his own work.

Showing 20 selected pieces of Hervé's work, the 'Language of the Soul' exhibition at Scarlet Maguire Gallery is an opportunity to discover some new pieces but most of all to re-discover the exciting variety of Hervé Constant's body of work.




Steps, oil on canvas, 45x36in, 2006

Hand Ballet, still video, 20x30in, 2006

Alphabet, oil on canvas, 72x72in, 2003