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We are pleased to announce ‘FOREIGNER', the first ever solo exhibition of London based Brazilian artist LEONILDO MACIEL which will be on view at Scarlet Maguire Gallery from Monday 02 to Saturday 07 July 2007, 12.00 - 6.00 pm with a Private View on Tuesday 03 July, 6 - 9 pm.

Showing over 50 works spread throughout the gallery's two floors, Leonildo Maciel will be showing off his ability to explore his ideas in a variety of media: from paintings and drawings to his tube sculptures and sculptural objects and installations.

With a distinctive technique which merges the traditional and the contemporary (using unexpected objects such as CD cases and tubes, for instance) and a strong sense of design, bright colours and various subject matters that range from identity, sexuality, displacement, otherness, sensuality, freedom of expression and politics (to mention just a few!), to what the artist describes as 'the feeling of being a forever foreigner'.

Also included in the show is 'Mind The Box II', an interactive piece containing 25 hand-made wooden boxes to be opened and explored by the viewers. An intriguing work that reveals the artist's insight in the world through his many facets and broad interests. The viewers may be delighted and surprised by what they will encounter inside each box.

The artist has documented along the years his methods and studio practices in a 'frame by frame' works in progress which will also be shown on a computer screen. That will allow the viewers to have an insight in the artist's creation processes.

On the ground floor the artist's largest works in his distinctive grid designs and the boxes will be shown whereas downstairs you'll see a totally different scenario: miniatures, installations and his sculptural works.

Leonildo Maciel was born in Recife, Northeast of Brazil. He has a large experience in the arts. He worked in Recife and Sao Paulo as a songwriter, singer, performer, actor, art educator, photographer and art promoter. He studied mathematics and music in Brazil, and more recently graphic design and Foundation Studies in Art & Design at the University of the Arts London. He currently lives and works in London.

Artist talk on Thursday 05 July at 4.00 pm.