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'As above So below'

Figurative & abstract works by MARIANNE

10 September -21 October 2007


Life's essential teaching, 127x178cm, 2006   Om Shrine, 91x122cm, 2006


Private Views (by Invitation only):
Tuesday 18 September, 6 pm - 8.30 pm
Sunday 23 September, 12.30 pm - 4 pm

  Open during the Bloomsbury Festival:
Friday 19 Oct: 4 pm to 7 pm
Saturday 20 Oct: 12 pm to 7 pm
Sunday 21 Oct: 11 am to 4 pm
Other times by appointment only

We are delighted to present ĎAs above So below ', a solo exhibition of oil paintings by Marianne.

Marianne is a French born, London based artist with a particular talent in conveying the different stages of the mind when affected by strong emotions, traumas and visions. Mostly self-taught, Marianne has developed strong skills in mastering her painting materials and the result shows a distinctive confidence in producing unusually vibrant and very painterly work. She also uses other medium such as photography, video and small sculptures.

This exhibition will present a series of 25 oil paintings over the gallery's two floors. The ground floor is dedicated to symbolism and subjects whose inspiration mostly lies in India and Andalucia, drawing a link between the two through spirituality and female energy. The work downstairs manifests another energy, unfolds another world, taking us further and deep below, under the sea, with its fascinating light and creatures.

By representing the different levels of existence from the depths of the Sea to the realms of the Divine, Marianne's artwork embraces equally the spheres of emotions, the esoteric and the surreal.

Questioned about her art, Marianne replies:

"I often work from life drawings of people I feel strongly connected with and inspired by, I take references from my own photos or I unlock the power of imagination to allow ghosts to reveal themselves.

I like to feel free with the subjects I want to express and always seek to break any restrictive boundaries. I treat each painting as unique and want it to be able to exist on its own.

If a link appears between several paintings it is only the manifestation of a strong desire bursting out like a recurrent obsession...
Lately I have also tried to incorporate some spiritual elements in my paintings that reflect the different changes taking place on a personal level.

To me, the works presented in 'As above So below' manifest a particular feeling of osmosis I have had and are the result of the blissful alchemical wedding I have experienced at times with my medium."


Shakti, 112x50cm, 2007



Existence, 137x178cm, 2007



Holy, everything is holy, 132x96cm, 2002