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Sehnaz G Day was born in Zambia, but with most of her life spent in London, she exhibits the dry cynicism and humour of the British.

Educated in London, she graduated alongside Damien Hirst at Goldsmith College but did not climb aboard the Brit Pop bandwagon. Instead, Sehnaz sought to re-establish the self within her art and completed a postgraduate from the Slade School of Art. Having chosen to move away from the glib self-consciousness of her contemporaries, she represents a return to unpretentious painterly work which seeks to shock from within rather than without.

Throughout her career, Sehnaz has experimented in different media - film, photography, light sculpture - but painting is her passion. Her aim is to make a complex notion simple, not vice versa.

After exhibiting in a number of prestigious shows both solo and mixed, including the New Contemporaries at the ICA in 1990 and the 1998 Fusion show at the Saatchi Gallery, Sehnaz G Day had a solo exhibition in Spring 2005 at the Scarlet Maguire Gallery: 'Gander'.

Let's just Catch our Breath - 137x183cm - 2004


Gander - 2005