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Tamsyn Salt was born in Cape Town, South Africa, before moving back to the UK where she is living. She completed an Art Degree with a First in painting at the Slade School of Art in London.

Tamsyn paints with oils and mixed media on canvases and linen. She draws her inspiration from classic poetry, mythology and nature.

The Scarlet Maguire Gallery was delighted to host two exhibitions by Tamsyn Salt: 'Bridging the Two Worlds' in Sept 2004 and 'Desert of Dreams' in January 2005.

"Tamsyn's paintings combine the pared down symbolist spirit of Chagall with something of the peculiarly luminous quality of Gustave Moreau. Hands are sinuous and sensual like those of Botticelli's Venus , eyes like the almond eyes of Odilon Redon's strange floating heads, but the atmosphere is Tamsyn's own, at once earthy and celestial." Klara Kemp-Welch, London, Nov 2005.